Caitlin O'Malley



I am a writer, illustrator, and novice ceramicist.

My parents always prioritized art in our household — I spent hours with nothing but books and crayons and blank paper. Now, writing, drawing, and ceramics have become my method of expressing creativity outside of my role as a strategist. My work typically investigates themes of queer womanhood, mental health, friendship, and Catholicism — although I do occasionally write professional opinion pieces about the ad industry.

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Outside of writing for work, I write opinion pieces and poetry (which will hopefully be published soon). My work has been featured as a Medium Featured Story, and I have also been featured as a guest writer for We Are Next's weekly advice email. Check out my writing by clicking one of the links below.

My Number Friends and their Personalities

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Navigating the Ad Industry Social Scene

Published by We Are Next

My Blog

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Drawing was my first love. I use both traditional and digital media. I primarily draw portraits, but I also did all the doodles on this website. Browse some of my sketches below.

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Ceramics is a relatively new endeavor for me — I started taking classes with Joshua Margolis at the JCCSF in April 2018. I create what I call "illustrated pottery” using sgraffito carving + painting techniques.