Pizza Hut


My Role: Creative

The Challenge: Develop a comprehensive marketing campaign that connects with new and existing customers by showcasing Pizza Hut's innovative digital ordering experience - with a budget of $50 million dollars.

The Result"It's Never the Wrong Time."

To compliment Pizza Hut’s recent brand strategy, we created our “Never the Wrong Time” campaign, which illustrates the simplicity and effectiveness of the digital ordering process. Based on key insights in our research, we segmented the target demographic by age and media habits in order to help us identify key problems, opportunities, and solutions tailored to each consumer. By implementing a creative and strategic approach, our campaign is projected to increase digital orders by 32% while solidifying the brand’s innovative reputation as fast, fun, and easy.

As a member of the Creative subteam, I helped brainstorm creative advertising executions. I also wrote and edited copy for the creative executions. This campaign won first place in NSAC District 15.

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