Rose Gold Wines

Marketing Strategy Project

Role: Co-Strategist

Challenge: Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign based on a fictional brand of your choosing. Plan should include primary research, current situational analysis, marketing strategies, kickoff campaign with signature creative execution, and an evaluation of performance.

Result: "Find a Wine That Can Do Both."

My team chose to create the fictional wine brand, Rose Gold Wines, as an answer to untapped space in the single-serving wine market. By providing an elegantly designed wine glass and providing only high-quality wine, Rose Gold Wines rises above the less-than-premium "juicebox" or "can" single-serving wine options.

In order to determine and understand Rose Gold Wine’s audience, we conducted thorough research regarding attitudes toward our brand and the single-serving wine market. Our research indicated that the most valuable demographic for our campaign to reach is women aged 21-40. This market was notably divided in terms of whether they prefer to consume wine while relaxing alone or socializing alongside friends. We acknowledged the importance of both of these two segments, referred to as the “Solo Sippers” and the “Social Sippers,” respectively.

To promote awareness of Rose Gold Wines as the premium option for both the Social and Solo Sippers, we created our kickoff campaign: “Find a Wine That Can Do Both.” This campaign highlights Rose Gold Wine’s “dual function” by lightheartedly depicting the variety of situations in which our consumers drink wine - from relaxing on the couch at the end of a long day, to sipping with friends at a weekend-long music festival. Our engaging traditional, digital, social, and alternative tactics encourage consumers to choose our elegant single-serving option in every situation. We found that “Find a Wine That Can Do Both” can successfully increase brand awareness by 20% within six months.