National Student Advertising Competition 2016

My Role: Account Supervisor

The Challenge: Develop a dual-strategy campaign to extend Snapple's East Coast customer loyalty to new audiences in the rest of the United States - without alienating their original fans.

The Result: "Snap into the Moment."

In order to engage both Snapple's loyal East Coast customers and newcomers in the rest of the country, we created a dual-strategy campaign that emphasizes being present in the current moment by savoring life's simple joys. We target the two regions by emphasizing brand nostalgia in the East Coast, and new adventures to those elsewhere. "Snap into the Moment" is centered around our belief that Snapple is made from more than just the Best Stuff on Earth - it's made for you, made from tradition, and made for the future.

As one of three Account Supervisors who lead the team, I was responsible for managing the four subteams (Creative, Strategic Planning, Media Planning, and Design) who created the campaign. My primary role was inter-subteam coordination - making sure everyone was punctual, happy, and working as a cohesive team. A creative by nature, I also sat in on brainstorming sessions, led a team of copywriters, wrote quite a bit of copy myself, and edited the final copy for this 28-page Plans Book. 

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