Tai Pei Frozen Foods

National Student Advertising Competition 2017

My Role: Account Supervisor

The Challenge: Develop two fully integrated marketing and retail campaigns to help make theTai Pei brand and products relevant to younger Millennial consumers with budgets of $10 and $15 million dollars.

The Result: "The Hustle Shouldn't Leave You Hungry."

Through extensive research, our team discovered that busy millennials are all about the hustle. To millennials, the hustle implies working hard to make our dreams come true. With this in mind, we decided to personify the hustle in an ambitious new spokesperson: DJ PeiDay. DJ PeiDay is all about achieving her musical dreams - and she needs Tai Pei's fast, healthy Asian meals to fuel her. As she puts it: The Hustle shouldn't Leave You Hungry.

As one of three Account Supervisors who lead the team, I was responsible for managing the four subteams (Creative, Strategic Planning, Media Planning, and Design) who created the campaign. My primary role was inter-subteam coordination - making sure everyone was punctual, happy, and working as a cohesive team. A creative by nature, I also sat in on brainstorming sessions, led a team of copywriters, wrote quite a bit of copy myself, and edited the final copy for this 28-page Plans Book. 

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