As a creative brand strategist, my experience ranges from traditional campaign planning to specialty research and collaborative workshop design. I have experience in the technology, electric vehicle, air travel, and healthcare industries. While I have dabbled in freelance strategy and copywriting, I currently work at Eleven Inc in San Francisco. Based on availability, I also offer consulting services for brand planning, social strategy, qualitative research, and workshop design/facilitation. If you’d like to work together or learn more, feel free to say hello.


Brand Planning

I tackle all kinds of business problems — everything from traditional campaign planning for established businesses to building startup brands from the ground up. I work collaboratively to uncover smart insights, establish brand roadmaps, and discover brand truths. My projects have included brand platform development, building campaign messaging architectures, and developing organic social media communications strategies.

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I was happy to discover that my communications research education actually is useful in the real world. I frequently conduct both quantitative and qualitative research — including design, execution, analysis, and reporting. My work has included national surveys, in-depth interviews with specialty audiences, multi-city focus groups, and phone calls to my parents in repeated attempts to understand the Boomer mindset. I believe that all research tells a story — a clear narrative at the end of the project is just as important as statistically sound results.


Workshop Design

Workshop design is one of my favorite parts of the job. I facilitate collaborative creative thought through whiteboarding sessions and ideation exercises designed to solve business problems, build brand platforms, and move the work forward. My experience ranges from quick 2-hour strategy sessions to consecutive day-long brand identity workshops.



Quality writing always belongs on a strategist’s list of skills. As a literary fanatic and former copywriter, nothing pains me more than seeing good strategy lost in terrible writing. You can check out my personal work here, but don’t take it too seriously — I swear a lot less in my professional stuff.


Diversity + Inclusion

In all the work that I do, I strive to push brands into the future of authentically inclusive and culturally aware marketing. I believe that as a brand strategist, I have a responsibility to understand a diverse range of perspectives and lift up the voices of those who have been historically excluded from media and business decisions. Surface-level tokenism and virtue signaling don’t fly — I believe brands can do better, and it’s my professional mission to help them do so.


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